Getabout Telephone Information and Advice Service

This is a free service which endeavours to solve transport issues for people who find it difficult to undertake essential journeys.

The service can be accessed by calling: 03333 441 740, giving 7 days notice to allow plenty of time to arrange appropriate support.  (Calls are charged at local rate)

An adviser will discuss your situation, where you live and where you need to get to, to understand what options may be available and then help you find the best solution to meet your requirements. 

Solutions have included supporting people to link to community transport schemes and helping them to access existing public transport services.

If no existing solution is available for an essential journey, Getabout may be able to arrange for a volunteer driver to provide a lift in their own car.


The service is suitable for people who:

  • do not drive, either because they are too young, have never driven or are no longer able to;
  • have no access or limited access to a car as it is not affordable or not there during the day;
  • have a mobility difficulty which prevents them from using public transport;
  • have no public transport available to them.

People needing to access a volunteer driver must register for the service and there is a registration fee of £6 for a 6 month period.

Once registered, service users can phone Getabout to book a journey.  The cost to service users is 50 pence per mile and service users will be sent an invoice after the journey has been completed.

Getabout is looking to recruit volunteer drivers.  If you are interested, you can find more details here.