Housing is a core issue for all rural areas for a variety of reasons for instance:

  • House prices are often beyond the reach of many people, particularly those on lower incomes.  According to the Land Registry, rural house prices have risen 82% in 10 years.
  • Building affordable homes can be difficult due to relatively high development costs per unit and the availability of suitable sites.
  • The maintenance of sustainable communities and the very environment which attracts people to live in rural areas are issues which are close to people’s hearts.
  • Demand from second home buyers and holiday lets can have a strong influence on the availability and value of housing in many rural areas.
  • The social rented sector is small in rural areas and continues to shrink.
  • ‘Rural exception sites’ are an important mechanism for delivering affordable homes in rural areas.  These are greenfield sites adjacent to villages where development would not usually be allowed but planning authorities may exceptionally grant planning permission, usually with a written agreement that the homes will be used to meet local need.