ACRE Hallmark is a quality standard scheme for the management of community buildings/village halls and has been in operation in Northumberland since 2008, managed by Louise Currie.

The scheme has three stages – each lasting 3 years;
Hallmark 1 assesses whether the hall is complying with the requirements of its charitable status
Hallmark 2 assesses compliance with legislative issues
Hallmark 3 examines the role of the hall in community and how it interacts with its users and the wider community

Participation in the Hallmark Scheme is entirely voluntary and is beneficial to halls in many ways including:

  • providing funders and other interested organisations, with a benchmark for a well managed hall
  • gives village hall volunteers confidence that they are running the hall in the correct way.

The Hallmark Scheme is an accredited scheme and participating halls will reach a level of achievement through self assessment. To achieve accreditation each hall is assessed by two “visitors” volunteers/committee members of other halls in Northumberland. They are fully trained in Hallmark

Several halls in the county have achieved Hallmark 1, which lasts for 3 years. Many have renewed after the first 3yrs – demonstrating over 6 yrs of continuous accreditation. Some of the halls have also achieved Hallmark 2.

More details of the criteria and application process for   Hallmark level 1 are available in the Hallmark 1 Checklist  and  Hallmark 1 Entry Form.

Please contact Louise Currie to discuss your application in more detail before submitting your entry form.


Lousie would also be interested to hear from any experienced community building trustees who would be interested in volunteering as a Hallmark assessor.